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" christmas joy "
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Oh yes, I m woots! ahahaha :D

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i think start to fucking hate blogging.
yesterday was fun and sucked.
finally i got drunk, still feeling alittle hanged over.
my mind is totally not working in class now.
and i think i m fucking dirty now.
i never wash my hair and there's bbq smell. F!
back then we bought freaking 2 big tubs of ben and jerry,
and we slurp it up totally in two days.
down go to the drain for babyy's run and i m pounding up.
i've not been going training for the last 2 sessions.
sch's PEP and play dough identity corporate design killed me,
sub keep telling me she wants personality for the brand,
but i just cant fucking get it till she gives lecture.
work is never gonna finish, though today is the presentation for pep,
the next work is the brochures and all, and it's never ending.
initially going for the congress design conference at suntec
its actually i good chance, but because of the 250 dollars and
the work load we are fucking facing, i back off from tat.
just saw ally's blog and the cupcakes are lovely!!
i'm really not doing anything now,
i'm fucking hungry and i dun feel like moving! lol.
ann and stan are surfing ffffound
genitals and johnny are playing shooting game.
johnny is howie lol. pls genitals~
mabel seriously focus in doing her work sia. =]
and i m fucking bloggyinnggG~~
i m going to eat now, fucking feel like vomitting if i dun eat!
everything starts with f is pronouns as fuck. =]
good day!

10:09 AM

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i cant really speak, it's giving me ache.
i will be picky in food.
and i m hungry now.
home alone. =[

8:43 PM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it's always when u're away and i m sick.
and i m terribly uncomfortable now.
i cant do my work at all. it sucks.

10:38 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i bought drinks from police station at 12mn after training on thurs. And i think the policeman think i m weird. wad a sunny day at beach for competition today, i can hardly feel my legs now. and there goes more for tomorrow. i will be good girl tonight, sleep early. before i reached home just now, i saw a family of four,(kids) flagging cab. And here comes the cab, lallalaalallala. daddy opened the door for mommy and kids. and daddy went to store the bags in the boot. after daddy happily smile to the kids in the car. and the driver drove off, forgetting about the daddy! And daddy chased the car, lol. The driver really forgot about it, lol. should i laugh? feel sad? feel dangerous? lol. i dunt know! that's my story of the day!
god,heal my sprain.
good night

8:39 PM

Monday, October 19, 2009

im back to school and babyy left for wallaby.
it;s kinda of "something special" today cos we met new lecturer KAREN, being disturbed as KAREN O from yeah yeah yeahs. Nyway ms karen made us play musical chair in class and brought us to MACs for lesson. but kinda of bored by that too. projects attack again. meals at home.

7:12 PM